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“By donating to the wonderful organization that is CureDuchenne you are not only helping Jackson, but an incredible amount of other little boys fighting this battle.” – Crystal, mother of Jackson.

Jackson is a 9-year-old lover of animals with big dreams and plans for the future—his hope is to become a zookeeper. His favorite animals include groundhogs and guinea pigs, and the highlight of a recent family trip to an aquarium was seeing the otters. He loves to play Super Mario, cuddle with his Corgi puppy, Rexy, and travel. “My dream is to travel to New Zealand.”

But Jackson also has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. “Having Duchenne can be rough some days because it tires my muscles out,” says Jackson. “If I could have a day without Duchenne I would run around…I would love to be so tall that I could ride all the big rollercoasters.” When asked who his hero is, Jackson says, “My hero is my Mom. She takes care of me and she loves me.”

The imminent result of Duchenne weighs heavily on Jackson’s mom, Crystal. She sees in her son an incredibly bright little boy who hasn’t fully felt the wrath of Duchenne upon him. Although still strong and able to walk, Crystal sees how Jackson tires and fatigues quickly each day. “I think every single day of research and a way to halt this disease in its tracks. I wish every single day of my life that I could take it from him, that there is something that I could do, but this disease doesn’t offer that possibility. I want to tell him that he will be able to go to prom, and pick a college and have his own apartment. I wish every single day of my life that I could take Duchenne from him. I don’t ever want to envision a future without him in it.”


Cure Duchenne- Jackson

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